Signatories to the Statutory Declarations (October 1983)


Darlinghurst Police raided Club 80 three times in early 1983 and arrested 27 people.

Barry Checcinni - was arrested when he later entered to confront the Police

Tim Wilson (Solicitor) - waited outside and offered legal support, then

Robert French (Gay Rights Lobby) - arrived to offer support

After the first raid, activists gathered at Club 80 and invited the Police to come and arrest them. The Police declined the invitation but later raided twice more.

At a later community meeting a petition was drawn up calling for charges to be dropped, and a illegal march on Darlinghurst Police Station set off taking the Police by surprise.

With no response coming from Government or the Police, a meeting at the Gay Centre agreed to Lex Watson’s proposal that a group of people sign Statutory Declarations declaring that they had committed sexual acts similar to those arrested at Club 80 and calling on police to arrest them.

Bob Hay JP witnessed declarations from 28 people:

Lex Watson

Robert French

Paul Costello

Terry Goulden

John Greenway

Greg Reading


The first two Declarations were presented to Ernie Shepard, Head of the Vice-Squad by Lex Watson and Robert French. After a weeks’ deliberation Police again declined to act.



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