Campaign (1972 - …)

Larry Galbraith (Editor)

John Cozijn (Editor, 1982-3)

Barry Lowe (Arts Editor

Ken Davis (international editor, 1983)

Paul Harris

Wayne Harrison

John Wishart


In 1979 or 1980-1:

Dave Sargeant,

Sandi Banks

Larry Galbraith (Contributor/journalist 1983-1984 Editor, news editor 1988-1989)


Gaywaves (2SER-FM)

Greg Reading

David Abello

Prudence Borthwick

Gavin Harris

Dietmar Hollman (deceased)

Ken Lovett (news editor and reader)

Julie McCrossin

Annie Parkinson

Michael Schembri

David Urquhart


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Gay Information (1978 - …)

Maurice Blackman

Robert Lawrie

Dave Sargent

Jeremy Fisher

Gavin Harris



The Star / Sydney Star (1979 - …)

Michael Glynn – Founding Editor

Nicholas Padademetriou

C.Moore Hardy (Photographer)

Richard Turner (News Editor)

Tony Cooper

Green Park Observer (1983)

Bob Hay

Paul Smith

Richard Turner

The Sydney Star Observer (1988 -)

Tim Carrigan (1st Editor)

Martyn Goddard (Editor)

Larry Galbraith (3rd Editor)

Jim Jenkins

Paul Smith

Bob Hay

Jamie Dunbar (Photographer)

John Jenner (Photographer and Collagist / Lay-out)

Alex Harding (Office Manager)


Robert French (Chair of Board 1989-90)

Jim Jenkins

Robert Johnston


Larry Galbraith (Journalist 1983-84, Editor - 1990-1992)

Oxford Weekender News (19? - ..)

David Beschi

Village Voice

David Beschi

Glenn Wells

The Libertine


Capital Q


David Abello, Gardening Editor


LOTL (Lesbians on the Loose) (1989 - )

Frances Rand

Barbara Farrelly



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